"The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep."

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


My first post-op Doctor visit went well, as (for now) my head remains firmly attached with no signs of premature separation and my incision appears to be well on its way to full assimilation into the existing lines of my neck.

I have also been given the green light to return to work albeit with the caveat that I should pay close attention to my body, i.e. Don’t over do it. Since I sit at a desk throughout the day, I don’t anticipate any problems.

A return follow-up visit is scheduled in 4 weeks and if all remains well connected, I will be able to forgo the collar completely at that time. And while there may be a need for physical therapy, there is also a good possibility I may very well be able to once again don my running shoes. Among so many other things, I am very grateful for this. (I am considering the ING Georgia marathon in April 2009 for my second – any feedback on this venue is greatly appreciated.)

Given my apparent progress, I can only surmise my self-prescribed Guinness treatments must be working.

Last night, Beth and I went to a yoga class – our first. Aside from being able to pick a sari clad, turbaned Yogi-like person out of a line up, I am completely ignorant of both the philosophy and techniques of yoga however, I’m interested in learning.

The class focused on learning to breathe properly and wasn’t overly physical but I did feel (literally) as if I participated more than I should as the already stretched ligaments and tendons in my shoulders grew increasingly loud in their protestations as the night went on. However with the help of a muscle relaxer, I slept well and feel pretty good today.

Pharmaceuticals can be so helpful, don’t you think?


Fe-lady said...

I love the physical benefits of yoga...slow to warm on the "mental OMMMM" type stuff, but I too am open to suggestion and WISH I could be more into those aspects of it.
All good stuff! Good for you and spouse for going together!

Anne said...

This is indeed great news, Tim. I'm so glad to hear the post-surgery recuperation is going so well. Like fe-lady, I think it's great Beth's with you. Go yoga!

Last year's ING Georgia Marathon had some problems, mainly with not enough water for what turned out to be a warm day and tough course. Other than that, I think everyone enjoyed it.

Tim said...

Thank you - we're enjoying it although I can't do some of the exercises quite yet.

Also thanks for the feedback re: ING GA!